They scam with notices of delivery of subsidies and offers of better paid work

better paid job
The calls assure you that the government is giving money subsidies for home repairs or unpaid bills

The nation’s consumer protection agency (FTC) alerted the Hispanic community about scammers who call pretending to be government employees and offer economic subsidies or better paid jobs, as well as high and fast investment offers.

These scammers have been taking advantage of the current economic situation, of rising food and housing prices, and people are looking by all means to reduce their expenses.

The calls assure you that the government is giving money subsidies for home repairs or unpaid bills, or they offer you a guaranteed investment with a high and fast return; also that they are aware of a high paying job that will be yours as soon as you pay them a fee or give them your personal information.

The warning states that the government will not contact you to offer you subsidies; They will not call you, send you a text message or email, let alone establish contact through social media.

To get a real government grant you have to apply, free of charge, and it’s always for a very specific purpose.

All investments have risks. No one can guarantee that you will get a specific amount of return on an investment, or that an investment will be successful.

Honest employers will never ask you to pay to get a job. If someone tells you that you can earn a lot of money in a short time and with little effort, and that you only have to pay for a launch kit, “training” or certifications, then it is a scam.

If you come across any of these or any other scam, report it to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

Today we provide you with the following report so that you can take the best measures and economic decisions.

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