You should not carry your Social Security card

social security card
Social Security card and other valuables that you should never keep in your wallet, as well as credit cards,

December 24 – Hispanic Solutions Group

Social Security card and other things of value that you should never keep in your wallet, as well as credit or debit cards Hispanic Solutions Group, always guiding and informing consumers and users in safeguarding their interests, today he will touch on the issue of how to keep their important personal documents safe, telling them some experiences, for better care, being prevented and alert at all times like this experience that He says. “Years ago, while I was in a crowded outdoor market, someone reached into my purse and pulled my credit card and debit card out of my wallet. I did not realize and did not even know that they had disappeared until I got home and discovered a message on my answering machine from my card company, alerting me that there was suspicious activity on my account. In the face of this alert, I acted quickly and canceled my cards, challenged the fraudulent charges, and recovered, without a financial loss, of the incident. However, I consider myself lucky. The situation could have been much worse if I had been carrying other things in my wallet, items that could have created a financial nightmare for me if thieves had gotten hold of them “

Although big data breaches like the recent one made headlines in the news media, more than 40% of identity fraud cases stem from a lost or stolen wallet or purse, according to claims data from insurance company Travelers. Therefore, if you carry these things in your wallet, it is likely that you are putting your identity and your finances at risk; learn to protect yourself and be very careful

You should not carry your Social Security Card

The first thing you should never carry in your wallet is your Social Security card. “Your Social Security number is the most vital information for identity thieves, and the damage resulting from identity theft can affect your finances for years to come,” said Michael Bruemmer, Experian vice president of consumer protection. your number, you can use it to apply for a credit in your name, file a tax return and claim a refund or get a job and earn income that is reported to the IRS, which will create problems for you at tax time. according to the Social Security Administration. For these reasons, Bruemmer says that losing a Social Security card can be devastating.

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