Learn to keep savings safe

secure savings
Learn to keep savings safe

• Financial counseling for immigrants and the Latino community

Avoid scams, learn to manage your credits, build and maintain safe savings, be a tangible person to obtain advantageous loans, as well as quickly and easily insert yourself into the US financial model.

As of August 8, Hispanic Solutions Group decided to provide help to members of the Hispanic community and Latino immigrants to solve financial problems.

Likewise, counseling in order to achieve optimal scores that allow obtaining immediate and easy credits.

Finances in the USA are different from those in Latin America, so it is necessary to educate and guide immigrants so that they learn to manage credits and avoid having cost overruns due to interest.

Maintaining financial problems in the USA discredits people to obtain new loans or acquire real estate or vehicles. The faults are sanctioned with the decrease of scores that are consulted by the credit entities at the moment of requesting any transaction.

Dealing with debt can be a big headache, but starting August 8, Hispanic Solutions Group will help you find the best solutions, as well as guide you to keep your savings safe.

If you need to make an appointment you can ask here or accessing financial information on YouTube, the credit channel, our specialists in charge Jessica Aliaga-Froelke will be informing you of any concerns regarding this and other financial issues of general interest and guidance as in this topic, today we provide you with the following report so that you can make your most important economic decisions, We also invite you to follow our social networks: LinkendIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Podcast and Instagram.