No one is safe from being a victim of identity theft

Identity Theft
Protect your information online and on your phone. If you set up an online account, use a strong password.

Most people, almost every day, access online accounts, credit cards, investments, insurance, or checking and savings accounts.

In the digital world, bits of our personal information are everywhere. Identity thieves know this and look for ways, such as stealing passwords, or correspondence, to capture personal information from us and steal money from us.

To avoid this type of crime, experts recommend, protect documents that contain personal information. Keep anything with personal information, like financial records or your Social Security or Medicare card, in a safe place. Shred them before throwing them in the trash. If you receive statements in the mail that contain personal information, please remove your correspondence from the mailbox as soon as possible.

Do not give your Social Security number to someone who contacts you.

Although there are some organizations that may need your Social Security number to identify you, they will not ask for it by phone, email, or text message. If someone contacts you, asks for your Social Security number, and tells you that he is calling you on behalf of the IRS, your bank, or your employer, it is a scam.

Protect your information online and on your phone. If you set up an online account, use a strong password. Add a multi-factor authentication system to accounts that offer it. With multi-factor authentication, or MFA, it’s harder for fraudsters who have your username and password to access your accounts.

Check your bills. Charges for things you didn’t buy could be a sign of identity theft.

If you think someone may have used your personal information to open accounts, buy things, or file taxes, visit IdentityTheft.gov to report it and get help recovering.

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