Beware of personal information sales because they can steal your identity

Identity Theft
Companies known as data brokers collect information about all of us and sell or share it with

Companies known as data brokers collect information about all of us and sell or share it with others. People search websites are a type of data intermediary or broker.

In fact, to build a report on you, people search sites may purchase information from data brokers, harvest information from social media profiles that are public or viewable by all, and compile data from federal government public records , state or local.

Information contained in public records may include, property records, driving records, voting registration information, criminal records, civil actions and judgments, birth, marriage, divorce and death records, professional licenses, for example, licenses of pilots, doctors, lawyers or architects.

People search websites have some way of asking them to stop selling your information. This is also called opting out or opting out in English.

If you don’t know of any search sites for people by name, check out this guide from the National Network to End Domestic Violence or this list from the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Periodically check people search sites. If you find new data about yourself, please submit a new opt-out request.

Opting out of people search websites is one way to protect your personal information. Click this link for more ways to protect your privacy online. Search Terms consumer privacy, Topics Identity theft and online security, Privacy and online security.

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