Teens Should Learn Personal Finance

personal finance
The arts and fitness classes are important enough to be required and the basic personal finance course should be there as well,

December 03 – Hispanic Solutions Group

Requiring a course in personal finance to graduate from high school, is the result that some specialists in the field arrived at, at the end of their work and analysis recently

Having financial literacy is essential to being successful. I am currently a senior at Winona State University and have not yet obtained a loan, said a young student, attributed a large part of this achievement to the skills taught in Ms. Pagel’s “Personal Finance” elective course. at Century High School. This class taught basic money management and budgeting. Rather than being an elective that students choose to take or not, personal finance should be necessary for graduation from high school.

According to expert studies. Carly Urban, Maximilian Schmeiser, J. Michael Collins, and Alexandra Brown’s study “The Effects of High School Personal Financial Education Policies on Financial Behavior,” published in the Economics of Education Review, found that financial literacy mandates They work to positively change the credit history of young people. Adults.

Children generally receive allowances from their parents until they get a job earning their money. ¨I know that my relationship with money started at the end of my junior year of high school when I got my first job, at Panera. Fortunately, I had an idea of ​​how I wanted to balance my money because of Ms. Pagel’s class. ”A student referred

The arts and fitness classes are important enough to be required and the basic personal finance course should be there as well, unless personal finance is introduced before high school, considering that the class is not mandatory as it will already be. common sense.

By requiring a personal finance course to graduate from the Rochester Public School system, our youth can gain a foundation of financial knowledge, said one specialist.

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