Research and compare prices when shopping online

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When you read ads for a product, make sure you know the total cost, including shipping, handling, delivery,

Today, technology allows us to shop from home, but we still have to shop around, read reviews, and review the terms of the offers. With so many options available online, it pays to do your research before you buy, as well as shop around to ensure a successful transaction.

Reviews posted online can help you decide what to buy or which company to hire. A very good starting point is expert reviews posted on reputable websites. Focus on websites that you know are credible and offer unbiased reviews from real experts.

To find out other people’s opinions, do your research. Do an internet search by entering the name of the product or company along with words like “complaint” or “scam”; if you search in Spanish, add words like “queja” or “estafa”.

Another good way to find out the reputation of a seller is to confirm if he has a real physical address and a phone number that he can use if he has questions or concerns.

Before you start comparing a product, write down the manufacturer’s model number or product number and any other details you want to check, such as size, color, or shipping charges.

Use information from price and product comparison websites to determine which online stores and sellers carry the product. If you don’t find a competitive price right away, see if the website allows you to sign up for alerts when there is a price change.

Keep in mind that not all product and price comparison websites are created equal. Some websites may be from the same manufacturer who wants to promote their own products.

Other sites may be operated by companies that only list or rate products from sellers who pay them to do so. Focus your search on reputable and trustworthy product and price comparison sites.

When you read ads for a product, make sure you know the total cost, including shipping, handling, delivery, taxes, and other charges.

Please read the product description carefully, including the fine print. The use of words such as “reconstituted”, “vintage” or on “liquidation” could mean that the product is not in perfect condition. And if you see famous brand items at very low prices, they may be counterfeit or stolen.

Pay attention to the details. Before you buy something online, find out when it will be delivered and what you need to do if you want to return your purchase. Research delivery, return, and refund policies.

If you can, pay with a credit card. That way, if you’re billed twice for the same item, or billed for something you never received, you’ll be able to report the charge.

You can shop at online companies like Quill and Sam's Club, where you can access deals and discounts on select products.

In the event that you detect any irregularity, report it to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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