Mortgages and real estate, changing rates, buy or rent?

Mortgages and real estate
At present, consumers, as well as financial ones, live moments of uncertainty, with mortgage rates in constant change

By Manuel Tovar, October 27 – Hispanic Solutions Group

Consumers, as well as finance companies, are currently experiencing uncertain times, with constantly changing mortgage rates, which is still a good time to refinance, but the housing market is more heterogeneous for potential buyers. So, always identified with consumers, Hispanic Solutions Group, in order for them to make favorable decisions in their financial activities, today we provide you with what you need to know about the current climate when it comes to real estate and mortgages.

  1. Mortgage rates went up

As it is known, after several weeks of downward trend, mortgage rates rebounded 11 basis points to 3.11 percent in the latest Bankrate survey. Although that is still quite favorable for most refinancers, noting the uncertainty in the market.

  1. To buy or not to buy?

Nowadays people ask themselves, whether to rent their house or buy it is an important decision and it is not always clear. Bankrate representatives spoke with a personal finance expert who focuses on mentoring young people to learn what to consider when it comes to renting or owning a property

  1. Why should cash buyers consider a mortgage?

Finally, while buying a home outright with cash can make your offering more competitive in this intense seller’s market, the tactic can also make it difficult for you to leverage your home equity in the future. Even for some who can afford to buy a home without borrowing, it makes sense to finance the deal in the long run.

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