If I can’t pay my mortgage, what options do I have?

I can't pay my mortgage
The mortgage servicer must be told why you cannot make your payment,

In case of not being able to pay the mortgage, or delay in repayments, you should request the help of your mortgage service provider or request the help of an advisor from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (*HUD), * Entity that provides assistance to low-income residents.

The mortgage servicer should be told why you can’t make your payment, whether the problem is circumstantial or may become permanent. Also details of income, expenses, and cash accounts in banks.

This specialist will analyze the best options to get out of the problem, also refinance, manage a mortgage loan modification, prepare a new payment plan, sell the home or return it to the mortgage lender.

The housing counselor can help you figure out what options might be best for you.

You should avoid falling into the hands of foreclosures because they can offer you to save the sale of your house but in the end they take the money, that is, they are scammers.

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