Judge sentences 60 months in prison and the payment of more than three million dollars for the crime of securities fraud and others

securities fraud
The defendant pleaded guilty in August 2020 to conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to tamper with the odometer,

April 06, 2022 –Hispanic Solutions Group

In federal court in Brooklyn, United States District Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto sentenced Shmuel Gali to 60 months in prison for his part in a long-running money laundering and odometer manipulation scheme, and ordered him pay $3,936,000 in restitution.

The facts. –The defendant pleaded guilty in August 2020 to conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to tamper with the odometer, making false odometer statements, and securities fraud.

Jacquelyn M. Kasulis, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Brian M. Boynton, Acting Deputy Attorney General, Civil Division, Department of Justice, and Thomas Fattorusso, Acting Special Agent in Charge, Internal Revenue Service Inmates-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI), announced the sentence.

It will serve as an example for those who act outside the law, “The ruling gave a warning that this Office will prosecute those who engage in odometer manipulation and deliberately deceive consumers into paying without

knowing inflated prices for their motor vehicles,” stated Acting United States Attorney Kasulis. “Since the defendant was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay restitution to his victims, he is being held accountable for his greed in devising this fraudulent scheme.

“A car is one of the most important purchases many consumers make,” stated Acting Assistant Attorney General Boynton. “

Misrepresenting used car mileage defrauds buyers and hides important safety and reliability information. The Department of Justice will continue to work with law enforcement partners to prosecute odometer fraud.

“Auto sales are one of the pillars of the American economy that requires transparency and integrity,” said Fattorusso, IRS-CI Acting Special Agent in Charge. The financial expertise of the IRS-CI was needed to uncover this criminal enterprise perpetuated by Shmuel Gali, who received a just sentence in connection with his criminal activity.

Between 2006 and June 2011, Shmuel Gali, while conspiring with his brother Chaim, defrauded used motor vehicle buyers by misrepresenting the mileage of approximately 690 vehicles they sold. They used fictitious dealer names to purchase high-mileage used motor vehicles from a national vehicle leasing company, altered the vehicles’ odometers to reflect false and lower miles, and then sold the vehicles at wholesale car auctions. higher. On average, vehicle odometers dropped by nearly 70,000 miles. Consumers who purchased the vehicles from dealerships did not know the actual mileage and paid inflated sales prices.

THE DATA. –This fraud was investigated by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Odometer Fraud Investigation Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service.

Interns-Criminal Investigation.

Assistant United States Attorney Catherine M. Mirabile of the Eastern District of New York and Lead Trial Attorney Linda I. Marks of the Civil Division’s Consumer Protection Division prosecuted the case.

THE ACCUSED. –He is SHMUEL GALI (also known as “Sam Gali”), 48 years old, Brooklyn, New York, Israel, according to Exp.No.14-CR-652.

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