IRS launches “tool” for parents to update address to receive $ 300 stimulus

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As part of Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan, Congress approved higher amortization for working families

By Manuel Tovar, August 25 – Hispanic Solutions Group

Attention, parents, this is urgent and very important information. The IRS has launched a new tool for parents to update their mailing address in order to receive child tax credits.

The new feature, announced days ago, allows families to update their location to “avoid delays in sending emails or even having a check returned for being undeliverable.”

THE DATA. – Families have until midnight on August 30 to update their address for the change to take effect for the September Child Tax Credit.

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Parents will be able to claim up to $ 8,000 in refundable credits thanks to a “little-known” family tax increase.

As part of Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Congress approved a higher amortization for working families, known as the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, offering working parents a tax-time boost in an attempt for helping to cover the costs of child care for children under 13 or adult dependents. So far, families have been able to recover up to $ 3,000 in expenses per dependent, capped at $ 6,000.


If you use the portal to change your mailing address, the IRS will apply this address for all future IRS correspondence, depending on the service.

This is also helpful for families receiving direct deposit payments because all households will be sent a year-end statement of the child tax credit through the registered address.

This means that if you are one of the many families who receive direct deposit payments, you must still use the online portal to adjust your mailing address, even if you do not receive paper checks.


This update is important because the new portal feature helps prevent check mailing delays or checks being returned as undeliverable, reports the IRS.

The update tool can be applied to payments to from September, which guarantees that the check is sent by mail  to the updated address.

URGENT. –It is important to note that in order for your September check to be sent to the new address, you must request the update before Monday, August 30 at midnight.

If you make changes after that date, your September check will likely be delayed or returned to the IRS.

Families making $ 438,000 or more will be out of luck, as that is when credit completely disappears.


Families with children under the age of 13 could receive a “surprise” stimulus payment of $ 8,000 in the form of a tax credit for child care expenses. New adjustments to the Child and Dependent Care Credit for 2021 mean that working American families who meet certain requirements pocket thousands of dollars in additional stimulus funds. Covers childcare costs up to $ 8,000, as well as the costs of caring for a spouse or parent who is unable to care for themselves. This increases to $ 16,000 in expenses for families with two or more dependents.


To find out if you qualify and if so how much you should receive by direct deposit or a mailed check, you can use the child tax credit calculator at the CNet website.

In the toola, it will explain how “math and other requirements work to determine your family’s credit score” if your payment doesn’t add up, according to the outlet.

It will also teach you how to manage your child tax credit payments when you register with the IRS and let you know what to look out for during tax season next year.


The Biden administration has expanded the Child Tax Credit by 2021 to $ 3,600 for children up to six years old and $ 3,000 for children between six and 17 years old.

College students or dependents ages 18-24 will receive a one-time payment of $ 500 in 2022 from the IRS.

Single taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $ 75,000 or less, $ 112,500 as a head of household, or $ 150,000 filing a joint return will receive the full payment.


Numerous social media users have reported receiving an error code 2001 when using their account. The error is accompanied by a message that says: “A condition has been identified that prevents your access to this service.” It is currently unclear what is causing the message to appear. If you get the warning, be sure to contact the IRS directly.


To sign up for an account, you will need your Social Security number, a photo ID, and a phone or computer that has a camera.

1.   Visit the Child Tax Credit Portal and press the blue button, and then press “Unregister Advance Payments”

2.   On the next page, press “ Create an account”.

3.   Write your email address and select a password.

Four.           Click on “Create Account”, accept the Terms and Conditions and then press Continue.

5.   You will then be asked to confirm your email address before uploading a photo of your photo ID. If you want to use your phone, a text message will be sent to you with a link to take and send your photos.

6.   You will then enter your Social Security number and will be asked to confirm all the information you entered.

7. will send you a text message confirming that you want to set up an account.

8.   Press “Allow and continue” and the registration process will be completed.


The IRS, the Treasury Department, the Social Security Administration, and other government agencies usethe tool to verify your identification. Once you have been verified on a site that uses, you can use the same login information on any website that uses the secure login service. Currently, the IRS is using the accounts only for your child tax credits. If you already have an IRS account and username, you can use them instead.

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