In schools you should target how to pay debts of university studies

university credit debt
The stress caused by the lack of information, in addition to the need to find work to be able to help the economy of their homes

May 27, 2022 – Hispanic Solutions Group

8.1 percent of young Latinos and African Americans stopped applying in 2021 loans to continue studies at universities. It’s three times the percentage of years And the reason is because school graduates, most of them economically poor households, have uncertainty about how they will cancel their federal credits.

The stress caused by lack of information, in addition to the need to get a job to help the economy of their homes, causes young graduates of high school with good qualifications to desist from university studies.

Those who obtain federal credit for university studies and after completing their degree have difficulty paying the loan, become discriminated against by the financial system, which is a serious problem.

Analysts from prestigious universities recommend that high schools should provide students with guidance on how to obtain financial loans for university studies and ways to cancel them without financial problems.

At present, in some schools, counselling groups exist, but this is not enough, so more and more young people are dropping out of university.

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