Only until the end of September can you claim payment from Capital One

Capital One claim is September 30
According to Capital One, some 98 million applicants and cardholders are eligible to file a valid compensation claim.

Due to the leak of personal data of more than 100 million people due to a security breach of Capital One, a United States bank, this financial institution agreed to pay $190 million dollars in December 2021, after receiving a civil lawsuit by those affected

By September 8 of this year, the agreement is expected to receive its final approval in the US courts. Once the settlement is accepted and there is no appeal, the checks will be sent to those affected.

The deadline for those affected to file a claim with Capital One is September 30.

Rewards can be up to $25,000 in cash for lost time and expenses related to the security breach, including unreimbursed fraud charges, money spent preventing identity theft, and additional payments made to perform security services staff.

The deal also includes three years of free identity protection services from the Pango Group. This includes constant web identity monitoring, wallet loss protection, dark-web monitoring of your identity, and $1 million insurance against identity theft and fraud.

In one of the largest financial security breaches in US history, a hacker accessed the personal information of approximately 106 million Capital One customers and applicants in March 2019.

The massive hack went undiscovered for about four months before it was made public by Capital One in July 2019.

Capital One said about 140,000 social security numbers and 80,000 US bank account numbers were exposed, as well as dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, credit balances, transactions and credit scores.

Some 98 million applicants and cardholders are eligible to file a valid claim, according to Capital One, which said it sent letters and emails to members whose Social Security numbers or bank account numbers were exposed in the hack.

If you think you’re eligible but didn’t receive a notice, contact the settlement administrator; at 855-604-1811 for help.

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