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Here are some tips Review your personal information. Your personal information allows us to identify who you are,

June 01, 2022 –Hispanic Solutions Group

Keeping your credit report free of errors is key to looking at your finances and identifying fraud prevention signs. Your credit information gives lenders an idea of ​​your responsibility and possible mistakes that can put you at a disadvantage in getting a job, renting or buying a home, lending money or buying an insurance policy, for these reasons we have to be vigilant by monitoring our credit data.

Here are some tips Review your personal information. Your personal information allows you to identify who you are, for this reason review such details as your name, date of origin, present and former address, social security number and work information, these data do not harm your FICO® Score, on the contrary, They help creditors check your identity and protect you from fraud. Check your account details Your credit cards, loans, and other accounts make up the majority of the information on your credit report, so keep the following details in mind:

Opening date, account number, payment history, credit limits, account and owner status, and any amounts past due, paid, or discharged.

Make sure the accounts are all yours Accounts that do not belong to you can be the result of a simple mistake or theft of your personal information, in this case, you must file an identity theft affidavit and permanently block these accounts from your registry of credit. Review inquiries Every time a company accesses your credit report to pre-screen or approve an application, the history of applications is recorded in your credit report, in case applications appear that you do not recognize, they may be indicators of identity theft and you can report it in the FTC website ReportFraud.ftc.gov. Handling Credit Report Errors If you find errors on your credit report, you can write to the credit bureaus to have them corrected.

In the message you must include the following information: your full name and address; the errors to be corrected and the reasons; copies of the documents that support the request and a copy of your credit report circling the errors. This request can be made by mail or by phone at the credit reporting companies as appropriate.

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